Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar

Made from our 18-Year Traditional balsamic vinegar, our Blackberry balsamic vinegar is sweet and smooth and bursting with summertime freshness.  Drizzle it on your favorite desserts, fruit salads, or cheese plates.  Splash into your favorite iced tea or lemonade recipes for a summertime … Continue reading

18-Year Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Our 18-Year Traditional balsamic vinegar is, hands down, the best balsamic vinegar you've ever tasted! Using a high ratio of aged grape must to red wine vinegar makes it the thickest, sweetest balsamic you can find. No need to reduce it before using. Made in Modena, Italy, it is so smooth you … Continue reading

Raspberry Lemon Verbena

Looking for love in all the wrong places? We've got your elixir. Raspberry Lemon Verbena combines the juiciness of dried raspberry with the potency of luxury lemon verbena – both noted by spiritualists for their love-inducing properties. In ancient Rome, Lemon Verbena was said to ignite the … Continue reading

T-Sac #2 Filters

T-Sac filters are single-use, fillable tea bags that can be used for any of your favorite teas. They are perfect for small leaf teas or those containing powdered spices like cinnamon that might leak out of a traditional mesh tea ball. The #2 size can be used to make up to 4 cups of tea. Great … Continue reading