Bella Coola

A predominant orange character with the lovely sweetness of pineapple.

Price listed is per ounce. Each ounce makes 8-10 cups of tea.
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The delicious blend of orange and pineapple flavors combined with the natural flavors and tartness of various dried fruits create a summertime cooler or a wintertime summer reminder.

On the west coast of Canada in the province of British Columbia, there is a small Haida village at the end of a long fjord called Bella Coola. The water is crystal clear, the mountains rise to the sky from the water’s edge, fishing boats head west towards the Pacific Ocean and bald eagles soar overhead screaming at those that dare to disrupt the tranquility.

For a summer time drink Bella Coola iced is hard to beat. It is refreshing and thirst quenching and not overly sweet. For formal times garnish the glass with a strawberry and a sprig of mint – for non-formal times pour it into your glass and enjoy it gulp after gulp! If you have small children use the Bella Coola tea to make popsicles – they taste great and contain very little sugar. By virtue of the fact that these blends do not contain any tea and are a special blend of fruits and herbs – they are caffeine free! An additional benefit is that these ‘teas’ contain Vitamin C. What could be better – a healthy drink that tastes GREAT!

Country of Origin: Canada / USA / Thailand / Spain
Region(s): Ontario / California / Sing Buri / Seville
Cup Characteristics: A predominant orange character with the lovely sweetness of pineapple.
Infusion: Tending pinkish
Luxury Ingredients: Apple & Rosehip & Orange pieces, Hibiscus petals, and Natural flavors.

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