Q:  I’ve only used tea bags before. What’s the best way to make loose tea?
A:  Brewing loose tea is easy! The first step is to get a tea ball or disposable filters, so you don’t have leaves floating around in your cup. Generally, you steep 1 tsp. of loose tea per cup of water. For the best temperatures and times to steep each kind of tea (black, green, white, rooibos, etc.), check out our handy Brewing Tips!

Q:  How much caffeine does tea contain?
A:  Caffeine content varies with every type of tea and can vary with every cup. Caffeine amounts can be affected by things such as the region, weather conditions, and time of year the tea plant was harvested, as well as tea brewing methods such as water temperature and amount of time steeped. See the chart below for caffeine levels by tea type.

Here is a general guideline of caffeine content per 8 oz cup:

COFFEE: 80-100 mg
BLACK TEA: 40-60 mg
OOLONG TEA: 50 to 75 mg
GREEN TEA: 35 to 70 mg
WHITE TEA: 30 to 55 mg
DECAF TEA: 2 to 4 mg
HERBAL TEAS: 0 mg (with the exception of Yerba Maté)

Q: How long will my loose tea stay fresh?
A: The good news is that tea doesn’t “expire”. It may loose some flavor over time, but as a general rule properly stored tea will stay fresh for at least 2 years. For best results, store tightly-sealed teas away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Q: Are all of your teas organic?
A: You will find a great selection of certified organic teas at Whatta Teas. However, even teas that aren’t certified as organic, are grown as cleanly as possible. Most teas are grown at altitudes where pests aren’t present. No pests means no pesticides. Our growers adhere to the strictest European and Japanese standards in extreme cases where chemicals may be needed. You can read more about certifications and environmental initiatives here.

Q: How many servings of tea will I get?
A: The exact number of servings will vary, depending on the type of tea. For example, a one ounce pack of chamomile, containing just dried flowers, will probably offer more servings than a one ounce pack of Berry Berry, containing mostly dried fruit. As a general rule we estimate that you’ll get 8-10 cups per one ounce of tea.

Q: What does “natural flavors” mean?
A: Natural flavors are concentrated liquid extracts made from real food ingredients. We use natural flavors to complement the dried fruits, herbs, and botanicals in some blends to create flavors that infuses deeply into the tea leaves. We use our natural flavors in compliance with USDA NOP organic standards and do not use any artificial flavors in our teas.

Q: I don’t see a specific tea that I was looking for available online. Do you accept special orders?
A: If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. Because we deal directly with importers, we have literally hundreds of teas at our disposal! This includes a huge range of flavors, tea styles and super-premium teas. We are happy to special order anything you’d like. Minimums may apply. Contact us for details.

If you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us!