Brewing Tips

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is simple! Many people who have only used tea bags are intimidated by loose tea. There’s no need to be. Just use our helpful chart to make the perfect cup everytime!

For Hot Tea:
For the best results, steep 1 tsp. of loose tea per 8 oz. of hot water, following the directions below.

For Iced Tea:
If you want to drink it later: Brew tea following hot tea directions and refrigerate until cool.

If you want to drink it now: Steep 1 tsp. of loose tea per 4 oz. of hot water, per the directions below.  Top up the glass with ice and allow to cool. As the ice melts, it will dilute the tea to regular strength for the perfect glass of iced tea.

Helpful Hint:
Don’t let black, green, oolong or white teas steep longer than recommended. This will allow tannins to escape the leaves and give your tea a bitter taste. If you want a stronger taste, just use a little more tea. This isn’t a problem for rooibos, fruit or herbal teas.